The Vineyard

Preserving a historical terroir 

We are the custodians of an exceptional heritage where vineyards have flourished since antiquity. Meticulous attention and care for this terroir guide all of our decisions as we work to respectfully transmit it to future generations.

At the time of the acquisition in 2008, the Bélair-Monange vineyard enjoyed a genetic history perfectly suited to its clay and limestone terroir.  We undertook a massale selection from these original parcels, some of which dated back to the end of the 19th century. These efforts have allowed us to maintain the unique characteristics of the historic vineyard.


The vineyard

Only a healthy vineyard with rich microbiological activity can best translate the potential of this great terroir. All our efforts, under the management of Arnaud de Lamy and Michel Falquier, are thus dedicated to encouraging this natural activity:

We leave the earth fallow for extended periods of time, 5 to 7 years, to allow the soil to rest and fully regenerate before replanting.

We maintain uncultivated land and hedges around and within our parcels, thus encouraging the proliferation of fauna essential to the vineyard’s natural balance.

We plant cover crops adapted to the specific organic composition of each parcel, in order to secure the minerals required for soil health.

We adapt plowing and vineyard work to each micro-parcel based on the season, water supply and the strength and age of the vines.

We implement preventive approaches to discourage vine pests.

Main tenant du raisin


The vineyard is composed primarily of Merlot, with a small amount of Cabernet Franc. The suppleness of Merlot brings a harmonious balance to the terroir's dominant minerality.

Devoted to sustainability:
committed to long-term quality

We are the fortunate heirs of an enduring legacy. Thus inspired, each of us is committed to the sustainable, prosperous development of the vineyards under our care. 
Our approach is long-term. As stewards of this land, our goal is to offer future generations a heritage worthy of its rich history.

In the cellar

Harvesting and winemaking

Our meticulous efforts in the vineyards aim to harvest healthy, rich, naturally concentrated grapes that have reached optimal ripeness. Our team of experienced harvesters, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years, allows us to harvest each micro-terroir at ideal ripeness. After being meticulously sorted and de-stemmed, the grapes are vinified in small lots to preserve the expression and characteristics of each parcel.

Gentle and controlled, the fermentation takes place in thermo-regulated vats. Christian and Edouard Moueix, Eric Murisasco (Technical Director) and Laurent Descos (Cellar Master) taste each vat on a daily basis, applying their combined experience of more than 100 vintages. Together, they aim to produce a harmonious, balanced wine that reflects the terroir’s full complexity and nobility

vin versé

Customized ageing

After fermentation, the wine is aged in French oak barrels sourced from a small group of coopers based on the characteristics of the particular vintage. The proportion of new barrels is limited to 50% to preserve the purity of the fruit.

During the ageing process, the contact between oxygen and wine is limited to the strict minimum in order to prevent any premature ageing.

The barrel ageing period, generally for 14 to 18 months, is adapted to the characteristics of the vintage in order to maintain soft, silky tannins. The wine is bottled in the spring of the second year following its harvest.

These efforts allow us to produce wines that can be cellared for many years, but that may also, provided they are decanted, be enjoyed in their youth.