A global approach

Restoring an exceptional environment

When we acquired Bélair-Monange in 2008, we knew that we were inheriting a piece of the history of Saint-Émilion. Faced with a vineyard full of immense potential, we chose to make fresh start to allow this terroir the possibility of expressing itself fully.

It wasn’t so much a question of preserving an environment as it was a question of restoring it. We let the soil rest, breathe, renew itself. We conceived a constructive, preventive approach to viticulture, working as an ally to the vines, the earth and its biodiversity, based on natural balance and cycles. We made room for free flora, reinforcing existing green spaces and creating new ones where the need was felt. We encouraged and nutured indigenous, traditional varietals grown from seed. We created refuges for the local fauna that began to shelter in these fallow areas.

All this, and so much more, not only because environmental balance is our first priority, but because it is inconceivable for a vineyard to sing without the harmony of all the elements that constitute it. Granted, it will take us years to reproduce the diversity present in the 18th century, when vineyards were just a part of local polyculture, but a first official milestone was reached in 2018 when we obtained the highest-level certification for “High Environmental Value” (HVE level 3).

In these efforts, which we are honored to undertake, we are fortunate to be accompanied by world class technicians, passionate and humble scientists, and our conscientious, dedicated teams. Together, we work devoutly, rewarded daily by this emblematic property through its generous, captivating wines.