The New Winery

A Creation by Herzog and de Meuron: An Homage to Limestone

In June 2023, the Moueix family unveiled the new cellars in Saint-Emilion at Château Bélair-Monange, Premier Grand Cru Classé, a magnificent creation by the renowned Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron. This project, initiated in 2016 and completed in 2023, embodies seven years of thorough reflection and meticulous work.

The merger of Château Bélair-Monange and Château Magdelaine in 2012, followed by the integration of Clos La Madeleine in 2022, highlighted the need to modernize and optimize the technical facilities for this 26-hectare estate. The new cellars, built from light concrete, pay homage to the iconic limestone of the Saint-Emilion plateau. Their design harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Winery photo

This remarkable architectural achievement is also a testament to the Moueix family's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The materials used and the construction methods adhere to the strictest environmental standards, while highlighting the natural beauty of the site.

The new cellars of Château Bélair-Monange are not just an advanced technical tool but also a symbol of the Moueix family's ambition to elevate the wines of Bélair-Monange to new heights.